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The latest version of BOCOM (HK) JETCO Pay does not just allow you to transfer money to your friends or to pay merchants with your mobile phone anywhere anytime by mobile numbers or QR Codes, you can also send gifts to your friends with this app, no bank account number is required and more environmentally friendly.





P2P Send Money

  • You can transfer money to your friends simply by scanning their QR Codes or keying in their mobile numbers to BOCOM (HK) JETCO Pay app.


Send Gift

  • You can send gifts to your friends simply by scanning their QR Codes with BOCOM (HK) JETCO Pay, it’s convenient, fast and environmentally friendly.


P2P Collect Money

  • Without your bank account number, your friends can send you money or gifts through your mobile number or QR Code by BOCOM (HK) JETCO Pay, and the money will be credited to your bank account instantly.


    Request Money

    • To split the cost after a lunch? No more cash, you can request your friends to pay you simply make a request to them with BOCOM (HK) JETCO Pay app, they can also pay you with JETCO Pay.


      Pay Merchant

      • No cash, no credit card? No worry. … With your mobile phone, you can readily make payments for the merchandises or services you have purchased with BOCOM (HK) JETCO Pay. For merchants accepting JETCO Pay, please visit (This link brings you to a third party website from the Bank's website. The Bank assumes no liability or control for your use of these links.).


      If you are already our Internet Banking customer, download our app and register for the service to enjoy all these convenient and efficient banking services now.


      Click here to understand more about the operations of BOCOM (HK) JETCO Pay.


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