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Enjoy series of exclusive privileges from Mainland China Network

BOCOM will provide you with comprehensive wealth management services and assist you to achieve your financial goals at all times. In fast-growing market in Mainland China, we provide a professional financial consultancy services which is tailor made to cater your lifestyle needs in various stage. We make your life more convenience and relax by providing you with a series of exclusive privileges.


  • Comprehensive Wealth Management Services
  • OTO Fortune

Before choosing any investment services, you should know

  • Your financial ability and risk tolerance level
  • Your expected return from investment
  • Your investment goals


    OTO Fortune

    The privileged service you are entitled to enjoy as OTO FORTUNE is the high end customer service brand specially and delicately designed with the one century's accumulation and combination of experience and new technologies. This includes the "One to One" or "Face to Face" tailored investment and financial planning services with the support of international concepts and talent pool. We are not only providing the best financial service for you, but also the great fortune, and thus we accomplish the goal to "Share the Benefits and Enrich Your Wealth with Virtue".

    • Exclusive privileges for OTO Fortune Account : OTO FORTUNE helps you manage your wealth with efficiency and convenience.
    • Exclusive one to one tailored services : What you are chasing is not only the fortune, but your spiritual satisfaction. But only through reasonable planning, could you win more splendour. OTO FORTUNE will free you from your troubles and provide the easiest and happy banking experience for you with our sincere attitude, rich products and professional service.
    • Personal Investment Fortune Management : Your OTO FORTUNE account manager, together with the international elite consulting team, can provide not only rich products, but also advice on financial planning, investment suggestion, cash flow management, asset allocation and risk profiling based on your individual needs and circumstances.
    • Dedicated Family Banking Account : OTO FORTUNE stands for the high quality life. We offer exclusive OTO FORTUNE VIP Magazine, nationwide special treatment and discount, VIP airport service in major cities around the country, diverse membership activities, exclusive favourable prices and additional services, and exclusive financial service to grant you a superior treatment.
    • OTO FORTUNE CARD is the carrier of our OTO FORTUNE brand and the symbol of your honorable identity. With OTO FORTUNE CARD, you can enjoy all the VIP service provided by our OTO FORTUNE. It would be our great honor that you participate and it would be our destination to offer the best global fortune service for you with our ongoing efforts.

    OTO Fortune: Airport VIP Service

    Exclusive privilege including easy boarding, assistance with departure procedures, use of an exclusive airport departure lounge, separate corridors for customs control and other related amenities.


    BOCOM Fortune

    One-stop financial and wealth management service for you.


    Pacific Card

    Pacific Cardholders enjoy the total ease and convenience of financial transactions, conducted through phone banking, Internet banking, ATM machines, customer service centres and a series of exclusive privileges.


    Personal Banking

    BOCOM provides you with various personal financial services such as savings, personal loans, bank card and personal wealth management services.


    Personal Loan

    BOCOM provides personal lending service to meet your financial needs.


    Corporate Financing Services

    BOCOM offers commercial loan to fulfill your business needs.


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