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Complete the Confirmation and Activation Procedures and Sign on Your Credit Card upon Receipt

Upon your receipt of the credit card from us, you should check carefully your name, account number and expiry date embossed on the credit card. If the information is correct, you should complete the confirmation and activation procedures as prescribed and sign on the signature panel on the reverse side of the credit card using a ball pen immediately.

Keep Your Credit Card Safe and Your Personal Identification number (PIN) Secret

To facilitate your access to our ATM networks, a PIN for ATM services will be issued to you after the prescribed credit card receipt confirmation and activation procedures have been completed.

You should pay attention to the followings and take reasonable steps to keep your credit card safe and the PIN secret to prevent theft, fraudulent or unauthorized use of them:

  1. Keep any record of the PIN separate from your credit card;

  2. Destroy the original printed copy of the PIN immediately;

  3. Never write down or record the PIN without disguising it;

  4. Never write down the PIN on the credit card or on anything usually kept with or near it;

  5. Never use any easily accessible personal information (e.g. telephone numbers or identity card numbers) as the PIN;

  6. Never disclose your credit card information and/or the PIN to anyone;

  7. Never allow anyone to use your credit card and/or the PIN;

  8. Change your PIN regularly through ATM networks;

  9. Never leave your credit card in unattended places or public areas; and

  10. Never connect your password to other services (e.g. connecting to internet or accessing other websites).  

Prevent Fraudulent or Unauthorized Transactions When using Your Credit Card in Retail Purchase

  1. Check to ensure that the credit card number and transaction amount are correct before you sign the sales slip;

  2. Write clearly the currency sign when you are required to write down the transaction amount on the sales slip;

  3. Make sure the credit card returned to you after each transaction belongs to you;

  4. Keep the customer copy of the sales slip for your record; and

  5. Check each item of your credit card statements to ensure the correct transaction amount is being charged.  

Report to Us Immediately When Your Credit Card is Lost or Stolen

Upon occurrence or suspicion of any of the following events, you shall report as soon as reasonably practicable to our Report Lost / Stolen Card Hotline (852) 2836 8828 or to our outlets in person:

  1. Loss and/or theft of your credit card;

  2. Unauthorized use of the credit card and/or the PIN;

  3. Disclosure of the PIN to any unauthorized person; and/or

  4. Suspicion of any counterfeit credit card bearing the same number as your credit card or purported to be issued under your credit card account.

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