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Six important notes

  • Change your password after receiving your card
  • Please memorize your password
  • Do not reveal your password to anyone else and keep it secret
  • Pay attention on external environment of ATM
  • Follow the instructions on ATM screen
  • Ensure get your ATM Card back after completion of transaction


Five security measures

  • Never write down a password near the card
  • Do not use the easily guessable password, such as telephone number, birthday, ID number or any personal associated numbers.
  • Do not reveal your password to anyone else (including our bank staff and police)
  • Never leave your ATM Card unattended before completion of transaction
  • Do not put your ATM card near the magnetic object.

Simple User Guide

Please read ATM Education Leaflet from HKAB, that teaches customers in using ATMs step by step and giving tips to make ATM safe.

Smart Tips

The leaflet on ATMs from HKMA and HKAB gives smart tips to customers on the basic precautions they should adopt when using ATMs.

Security Alert

Please stay alert when using the ATM. Beware of anything unusual about the card insertion slot, keypad and keypad cover (e.g. whether any suspicious device is installed). Cover the key pad with your hand when entering the PIN and check whether anyone is trying to peek at your password. If you notice any suspicious device or traces of unusual substance, please discontinue using the ATM and call our 24-hour Customer Services Hotline at 223 95559 immediately.

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