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FX Margin

Margin Trading - Allows customer to invest in foreign currency with leverage.
Cash Margin Transfer - Allows customer to deposit/withdraw/exchange the margin deposit.
Position Square Appointment and Enquiry - Allows customer to manage and enquire about the specific position square.
Place Standing Order - Allows customer to place standing orders.
Order Enquiry - Allows customer to enquire about standing orders which are pending for execution, cancelled or executed.
Physical Delivery - Customer may settle the contract partially or fully with cash margin through internet banking.
Cash Margin Transaction Record -Records cash margin transactions, including interest, profit and loss, transfer, withdrawal and deposit, etc.
Bank Information - Informs you of the bank’s holiday and promotional offers.
Account Balance - Provides customers of account balance information.
Outstanding Transaction Record - Records information of all open positions in customers margin account.
Cash Margin Interest Rate - Provides information of credit rate and debit rate of our bank.
Financial News - Delivers updated market information.
Net Position Ceiling - Illustrates customer net position limit information based on their category.