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Time Deposits provide full financial flexibility

Time Deposits provide higher interest return. Place your deposit for a fixed period of time and get a higher interest rate than in a savings account.


Hong Kong Dollars Time Deposit

We offer different combinations of time deposits to suit your needs:

General Time Deposits Preferential Time Deposits Large-amount,
High-interest Time Deposits
For deposits of
HK$10,000 and up.
For deposits of
HK$30,000 and up.
For deposits of
HK$500,000 and up.


Time Deposit – My Choice

  • Interest is provided on a monthly basis.

  • Flexible deposit tenures of 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

  • Minimum deposit amount is just HK$100,000. 


Renminbi Time Deposits

  • Flexible deposit tenure for greater freedom of choice.

  • Minimum deposit amount is up to HK$10,000 or equivalent.

  • Auto-renewal to save time.

Foreign Currency Time Deposits

To fit your needs, we offer a wide variety of foreign currency deposits.

7 to 14-day Foreign Currency
Time Deposits
Foreign Currency Time Deposits
for 1 Month or Above
For deposits of
HK$40,000 (equivalent) and up.
For deposits of
HK$10,000 (equivalent) and up.


Call Deposits

Our call deposit service is ideal for those who demand flexible fund arrangements. Call deposits have no fixed deposit or maturity date. Before you make a withdrawal, simply advise the Bank 1 or 7 days in advance as specified in your deposit agreement.

HKD Call Deposits
Time Deposits
USD Call Deposits
  • Ordinary call deposits start from HK$10,000. 
  • Large-amount call deposits start from HK$500,000.
  • Deposits start from HK$500,000 equivalent.

Customer Service

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