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IPO Services support your company to complete IPO project

"IPO" means the initial public offering of a newly listed stock. "Receiving bank" means a bank which performs the role of a receiving bank in an IPO. "Receiving bank" plays a major role in an IPO in the whole process. No matter you are potential corporate planning for IPO or investors looking for financing for IPO subscriptions, we can provide tailor-made solutions to support your needs.


Main Receiving Bank

  • Handle the account opening for the applicant for public listing including the account(s) which is/are opened in our bank or other sub-receiving bank(s)
  • Liaise with the assigned Share Registrar for the refund cheque specimen and signing arrangement
  • Act upon the instructions from the listed company or its underwriter
  • Perform all duties of receiving bank

Receiving Bank

  • Distribute application forms and prospectuses
  • Collect completed forms and application monies (e.g. cheques or cashier's orders) from the applicants subscribing for new shares
  • Process completed forms and application monies
  • Recycle application monies in the inter-bank money market
  • Arrange refund of the application monies to unsuccessful or partially successful applicants

IPO Financing

  • Provide IPO financing to brokers
  • Financing period for new share subscription starts from the date of deadline of IPO application up to the refund date

Customer Service

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