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“BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account (applicable to corporate customers)

The newly launched “BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account (WeChat ID: BOCOM_HK) allows corporate users to grasp and understand the Bank's products, services and offers. Meanwhile, corporate users can bind their personal WeChat accounts with our corporate internet banking. It enables authorized user of Corporate Internet Banking Services to master corporate bank account information via the “BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account.

Please follow and bind with “BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account now to enjoy our brand-new service!

Account Name 交銀香港
Account Type 交通銀行(香港)有限公司 Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Limited

Steps of following and Account Binding with BOCOM HK WeChat Official Account:
1. Open WeChat Application and scan the QR code as below or search BOCOM_HK

wechat bocom qr code

wechat search
2. Click Follow
click follow

Steps of following and Account Binding with BOCOM HK WeChat Official Account::
1. After following "BOCOM HK", click "銀行服務" -> "賬戶綁定/解綁", and click "企業用戶綁定"

2. Follow the page instructions, and fill in the information needed

Corporate customers enjoy “Instant alerts of incoming/outgoing fund transactions” services by following and binding with "BOCOM HK" WeChat Official Account!

Service charge

Our WeChat Official Account service is free of charge. However, please check with your mobile network operator about the data transmission plan and/ or charges that may apply to using the Internet via your mobile handset.

Remarks: Please do Account Binding after following the BOCOM HK WeChat Official Account.

Following, browsing and use of “BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account and “BOCOM HK WeChat Official Account Service” (applicable to corporate customers) are subject to respective terms and conditions. For details, please refer to

Customer Service

Customer Service Hotline: 226 99388

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