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Back-to-Back L/C services help you to develop your business

We provide professional back-to-back L/C services to cater for the special needs of customers involving in triangular trades. A back-to-back L/C is issued to the supplier based on the terms and conditions of the beneficiary's L/C (Master L/C) to assist the supplier, trader, and ultimate buyer to complete the triangular trade.


  • Back-to-back L/Cs allow the supplier, trader, and ultimate buyer to participate in triangular trade with offering our commitment to pay
  • With a L/C, the supplier can effect shipments without worrying about payments
  • The trader can act as middleman and, with the Bank's assurance, facilitate anonymous suppliers and buyers to complete delivery of goods and payments
  • The buyer can find out appropriate suppliers through traders thus to reduce costs and develop new markets
  • Provide tailor-made services according to your special requirements

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