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Starting from 15 June 2021, the Bank of Communications VISA Gift Card will no longer be available for sale until further notice. Customers can use the existing gift card before its expiry date.

  • Easy Balance Enquiry

You may click here to check your gift card balance, or visit any of our outlets in Hong Kong or call our Customer Services Hotline (852) 223 95559 to enquire for the balance of the Gift Card.

The value stored in the Gift Card of the Bank of Communications is not a protected deposit and is not protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong.

Bank of Communications CUP Gift Card will no longer be available for sale until further notice. Customer can use the existing Bank of Communications CUP Gift Card within the period of validity.

General Frequently Asked Questions of the Gift Card


1. How does the Gift Card work?
A : Cardholder can use the Gift Card for retail purchases just like a regular VISA card, up to the prepaid value designated to the Gift Card when it is issued. The use of Gift Card shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement for the Bank of Communications VISA Gift Card.


2. Is there any age requirement on the Gift Card cardholder?
A: Yes. The cardholder of the Gift Card must be aged 16 or above.


3. What makes the Gift Card different from other Store or Bank gift voucher?
A: The Gift Card can be used at any merchant shops that accept VISA cards for payment purpose. Unlike a department store gift voucher, which limits your purchases only at the designated department store, you can use the Gift Card at any merchant shops wherever the VISA logo is displayed. For the Bank gift voucher, the recipient needs to deposit the Bank gift voucher in his/her bank account first before he/she can make use of the value printed on the gift voucher.


4. Is the Gift Card a credit card?
A: No. The Gift Card is a prepaid VISA card with a minimum prepaid value of HK$100 but subject to a maximum prepaid value of HK$5,000.The Gift Card is applicable to electronic transactions for retail purchases only but does not allow any cash advance or ATM access. No credit limit will be provided.


5. Can I make a purchase for more than the amount remaining on the Gift Card?
A: No. The Bank at which the Gift Card is issued will maintain an account for each Gift Card issued and the balance in the account will be reduced after each purchase in accordance with the value of each transaction. The transaction will be declined if the prepaid value designated to the Gift Card has been fully used up or the remaining balance in the account is not enough to cover the value of the transaction. Remaining balance cannot be refunded.


6. Can I request for refund of the Gift Card ?
A: Cardholder can request for refund and get the remaining value of prepaid amount for the gift card in the Bank. If the refund is requested before the gift card is expired, the cardholder is required to pay HK$100 administration fee.


7. Is the Gift Card applicable for cash advances, direct debit authorization or to the VISA Express Payment Services?
A: No. The Gift Card cannot be used for cash advances, direct debit authorization, transactions processed by manually imprinted sales slips, mail orders, phone orders, autopay, online orders or bill payments, transactions in casinos, on aeroplanes or on ocean liners, transactions at any local or overseas ATMs and for any VISA Express Payment services or such other transactions and/or at such other places or terminals which the Bank may from time to time publish (e.g. transaction made in cinema, car park, fast food outlets).


8. How can I check the balance on the Gift Card?
A: You can check the balance of the Gift Card at any outlets of the Bank or by calling our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 223 95559 or via its website: or through such other means deemed appropriate by the Bank.


9. What happens when I have spent all the value on the Gift Card or the expiry date of the Gift Card has lapsed?
A: Once the prepaid value of the Gift Card depleted or the expiry date printed on the Gift Card has lapsed, the Gift Card will become invalid for any purchases. You are not required to return the Gift Card to the Bank and may keep the specially designed Gift Card as a souvenir. The expiry date of the Gift Card is imprinted on the Gift Card under “VALID THRU", the first 2 digits is Month, and the last 2 digits is Year.


10. Can I get a replacement card if the Gift Card is lost or malfunctioned?
A: If the Gift Card is lost, the Bank will not replace the Gift Card or refund any of the prepaid value of the Gift Card. If the Gift Card has malfunctioned due to reasons other than the fault of the cardholder, the Bank may, at its sole discretion, request for the return of the malfunctioned Gift Card and issue a replacement. Gift Card is valid only for the unexpired validity period and with the remaining unused prepaid value of the malfunctioned Gift Card. The Bank shall charge a handling fee at such rate as shall be specified from time to time by the Bank in the relevant promotional materials.


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