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Certificate of Deposit gives you regular income

Interest will be paid at a regular intervals during the life of the Certificate of Deposit.


  • Fixed rate Certificate of Deposit pays a fixed amount of interest at regular intervals.
  • Floating rate Certificate of Deposit pays interest with reference with a designated benchmark interest rate.

Other Information


Certificate of Deposit (CD) is NOT equivalent to a time deposit. This product is NOT a protected deposit and is NOT protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong.


Risk Disclosure

If a CD holder buys a CD and does not hold the CD to maturity, but instead sells it in the market, the CD holder may incur a loss on his initial investment. This is because, during the term of the CD, the market price of the CD will fluctuate. The market price of a CD may move up or down, compared with the amount of the initial purchase price, depending on many factors, including movements in prevailing interest rates, changes in the perceived credit standing of the Bank and factors generally affecting the market for similar securities or deposits. A CD holder is as likely to incur losses as to realize profits as a result of these market price movements. A customer should carefully consider whether the purchase of a CD is a suitable investment in light of the customer's financial position and investment objectives, particularly if he or she may wish to sell the CD before its stated maturity.

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