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Bill Payment

1.   What are the services offered under "Bill Payment" ? 

1. Accept using Saving Account, Current Account or Credit Card Account for the payment;
2. Bill payment records would be saved for one year;
3. It supports Standing Instruction function: clients can pay specific bill amount to merchant on specific date by automation (within 30 days);
4. Two-Factor Authentication tool is required for the bill payment registration, except the bills from merchant category of "Government or Statutory Oranization" , "Primary or Secondary Education" , "Public Utility" and "Post-secondary or Specialised Education".

2.   Are there any payment limit(s) for "Bill Payment" services?

Bill Payment - e-IPO: Daily aggregate limit is HKD 4,000,000 or its equivalent
Bill Payment - Donation & Normal Merchant: Daily aggregate limit is HKD 500,000.00 or its equivalent
High-risk Merchant Daily Transaction Limit: Daily aggregate limit is HKD 50,000.00 or its equivalent
Bill Payment - Tax : Daily aggregate limit is HKD 500,000 or its equivalent

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