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‘BOCOM BAYPAL’ Service for ‘Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles’

BOCOM(HK) offers a range of banking products and privileges for the owners of private vehicles, enhance driving experience between Guangdong and Hong Kong, fully supporting the ‘Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles’ initiative.


Service Overview

(1) UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card enroll Unitoll Card, offering an automatic payment experience.

(2) To enjoy spending offers in Mainland using by the UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card


Promotional Benefits

During the Promotion Period, the Owners of private vehicles ‘Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles’ using our bank services can enjoy fabulous privileges:

  1. Receive a complimentary of Unitoll Card (Debit Card and Electronic Tag), if customers have successfully applied for an Unitoll account by binding UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card. The Unitoll Card monthly fee waiving arrangement also will be applied. (Remark 1)
  2. Enjoy 5% off on ETC toll fees on expressways at Guangdong province for private cars.

Promotion Period: From now until 31 December, 2024.

Remark 1: Offer 1 is not applicable to Goods Vehicle and vehicles registered with Unitoll On Board Unit. Any details of Unitoll Card terms and conditions or fee is determined by the Merchant. The Bank has no liability whatever. Please visit related to terms and conditions.

The above promotions and services are bound by terms and conditions. Please visit the bank's website for details. The Bank reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions, to change, suspend or terminate any of the above offers and/or services (and/or related terms and conditions) without any prior notice. The Bank's decisions shall be final and conclusive.

Foreign / RMB exchange involves exchange rate risk.

To apply the designated Bank of Communications Credit Card with enter promo code “ ETC01”, enjoy the fabulous welcome gifts. Act now!

Terms and conditions apply. For details, please click here.

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