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We are always striving for service excellence to facilitate you to check your account information and transaction records anytime, anywhere via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and e-Statement services. We also advocates environmental friendliness by encouraging reduction in paper consumption. Having e-Statement service, you can view, download and/or print the e-Statement at your fingertips.

Benefits of e-Statement

  • Environmental friendliness - Reduction in paper consumption.
  • Fee of Charge - e-Statement Services enrolment is easy and free of charge.
  • Convenience - Allow to view up to 12 months of your past e-Statements anytime and anywhere. Your e-Statement will be deleted automatically after the retention period. Please download and save your e-Statement to keep a copy for your record.
  • Easy for filing - Easy to download the copy of your e-Statement
  • SMS/email Notification - SMS/email notification will be sent to your registered mobile phone number/email address once the latest e-Statement is issued.

How to enroll and choose to receive Credit Card e-Statement?

You may login to the Internet Banking Services1 and follow below steps to complete the enrolment.
(1) Login to Internet Banking
(2) Select “My Setting”>“e-Statement and e-Advice”>“Setting”
(3) Check the box of “e-Statement/ e-Advice” and uncheck the box of “Paper Statement/Advice” in Credit Card Type, then click “Submit” to confirm
(1) Fill in the e-Statement enrollment form in our outlets
1If cardholders have not activated Internet Banking Services, please refer to the Internet Banking Service Demo; When cardholders have enquiries during the activation, please call our customer service hotline at 223 95559.

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