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Cash Rebate Program

For every single transaction with HK$250 made with your Bank of Communications Credit Card, you will be awarded with HK$1 cash rebate which will be credited to your credit card account in next statement.

Bonus Point Program

  • Cardholder can earn 1 bonus point for each Hong Kong dollar or Renminbi Yuan (Applicable for CUP Dual Currency Credit Card) spending.
  • Spending of Supplementary Card will be counted into Principal Card Account for you to speed up the bonus point accumulation.
  • There is a variety of redemption gifts and exclusive privileges for you.


1. Cash Rebate Program is only applicable to Platinum Credit Card (excluding Platinum Credit Card Cardholder who choose bonus point program and Affinity/Co-branded Platinum Credit Card), Pacific Credit Card, Pacific Internet Card and any other credit cards designated by our Bank.

2. Cash rebate is based on every single transactions of the monthly statement for calculation and any remain spending of the transaction, which is not calculated for cash rebate, will neither be transferred nor counted in the following monthly statement.

3. Bonus point program is valid for CUP Dual Currency Credit Card, Platinum Credit Card (excluding Platinum Credit Card Cardholder who chooses cash rebate program), Go-Goal Credit Card, MI Credit Card, Co-branded Credit Card and any other credit cards designated by our Bank. Earning bonus points by Renminbi spending is only valid for CUP Dual Currency Credit Card.

4. For eligible spending, which is calculated for cash rebate and bonus point, it only includes retail purchase and Octopus automatic add value service transaction, however it excludes outstanding balance, cash advance, cash or purchase instalment amount, balance transfer amount, payment of MPF/SVC contribution, online bill payment transaction via our Internet Banking Bill Payment service (except for FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited ("FWD Life") insurance premium paid by FWD Credit Card and China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited ("China Life Overseas Company"), FWD Life, China BOCOM Insurance Co., Ltd ("CBIC") and Bank of China Group Insurance Company Limited ("BOC Group Ins.") insurance premium paid by MI Credit Card), purchase of casino chips, purchase of traveler's cheque, payment of all credit card charges (e.g. annual fees, finance charges, etc.), unauthorized transactions, spending with China UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card on property, vehicle, aircraft ticket, fuel, wholesale, supermarket spending, hospital fee, academic fee in Mainland China and any credit card transactions designated by the Bank from time to time.


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