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Online shopping has become increasingly common. In order to provide you with a more secure online shopping experience, Bank of Communications (Hong Kong Limited) is introducing a new "One Time Password" online authentication service for our Visa credit cardholders.


About One Time Password

"One Time Password" is a variable password that can only be used once in a set period of time. Once the authentication has been completed or if the set period of time has lapsed, the "One Time Password" will be void. Each new transaction requires a new "One Time Password".


Advantages of "Verified by Visa"

1. A more secure online transaction

2. Free of charge


How to use

Under the new online authentication service, when you make an online purchase by using a Visa credit card issued by the Bank, the Bank will send to your mobile phone registered with the Bank via SMS a "One Time Password". You are required to follow the instruction on the screen and enter the password to verify the transaction.


Important notes

1. The "One Time Password" will only be sent to your mobile phone number registered with (or subsequently updated with) the Bank. Please notify the Bank as soon as possible whenever you change your mobile phone number in the future, otherwise you may not be able to complete the process of online authentication service.
2. The Bank only records one mobile phone number. If you provide a new mobile phone number, it will replace the one on the Bank's record.
3."One Time Password" may not be forwarded to any other phone number even if you have enabled any SMS forwarding service provided by your mobile service provider.
4. The Bank only accepts local and mainland China mobile phone numbers to receive "One Time Password". Foreign mobile phone numbers in other countries will not be accepted.
5. For more information about the ‘One Time Password' online authentication service, please refer to the enclosed "Terms and Conditions for One-Time Password Online Authentication Service".

Please click here for the Terms and Conditions for One Time Password Online Authentication Service.

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