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Internet FX Margin Service

1.  What is the service scope of "Internet FX Margin" ?

It mainly provides the services such as FX Margin trading, order enquiry, cash margin transfer, market info & account balance enquiry etc.

2.   Is "Internet FX Margin" service available 24 hours a day for checking the customer information?

Cash margin transaction history, market information, and financial news can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Including Sunday and Public Holiday).

3.   How to apply "Internet FX Margin" service?

Customers must open our internet banking service, Customers who have not signed up for our Internet Banking service and wish to apply for it, please visit any branch/sub-branch of our Bank to apply for the service. The service application must accompany a saving account; customers who already have an Internet Banking service account can simply log-in to the Internet Banking service on our website and select the FX Margin function as a subsidiary account to register the A/C maintenance.

4.   What if I forget my password?

Please visit any branch / sub-branch to reset a new password or apply for a new password by completing the “Application for Issuance of New Password” for Internet Banking and mail it to our Bank.

5.   Are the Internet FX Margin services secured?

All customers must have an unique IBS number and password to access the Internet Banking. The account will be locked if the incorrect password has been entered 5 consecutive time incorrectly in order to protect our customers’ interest; The Internet banking system has an automatic log-off function. The service will automatically log off after 30-minutes account inactivity to prevent unauthorized access of customers’ account. Automatic time-out function will be valid even if there are transactions in progress. Firewalls are installed on our servers to prevent unauthorized access.

6.  What if I have other “Internet FX Margin” problems or queries?

Please visit any branch / sub-branch of our Bank during office hours or call our FX Margin customer service hotline 2269 9133 & 2269 9233 or send an email to us in [Contact Us] of our website for assistance.

7.   Internet FX Margin - When will it quote the currencies rate to calculate the account balance?

When the customers check their account balance, it will take the average price between the spread of bid price and ask price of the main currencies, and the account balance will increase or decrease depends on the fluctuation of the related currencies.

8.   Internet FX Margin – How far back is the record of cash margin transaction history?

It mainly provides the services such as FX Margin trading, order enquiry, cash margin transfer, market info & account balance enquiry etc.

9.  Internet FX Margin - What is the record of the outstanding FX contracts?

When the customers open a new FX contract or square the FX contract before the value day, the customer can find out the positions information on the record of the outstanding FX contracts such as trading position, amount, prices and value day etc.

10. Internet FX Margin - What kind of services are available in 'Market Info'?

'Market Info' provides the services such as financial news, margin interest rate and our Bank information etc; "Financial news" mainly provides the economic indicator and related FX market news, "Margin interest rate" shows the market main currencies debit and credit interest rate, but for reference only. 'Bank Information' introduces our bank specific items such as promotion period, content or business hours for public holidays etc.

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