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Bank of Communication FWD Credit Card is dedicated to fueling up your life and health with positive energy plus comprehensive card benefits, let you devote yourself to every precious moment in your life.

perpetual annual fee waiver
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new customers who successfully apply for the card can enjoy any of the following welcome gifts

Comprehensive Protection
HKD 500 premium Coupon

The coupon will be issued upon card activation and let you save HKD500 instantly when you settle the new basic plans of FWD
If you have settled the plan already, it still can be used as rebate (Note: The rebate is only applicable to the new plan with effective from 1 January 2015. If you settle the plan before receiving the premium coupon and your effective date of the plan is after 1 January 2015, you can pass the premium coupon to your FWD financial advisor for rebate purpose.)

Terms and Conditions of premium cash coupon use :  
1. This premium cash coupon is issued by FWD Life Insurance (Bermuda) Limited (“FWD”) and which is valid for 6 months from the date of redemption letter issued. 2. This premium cash coupon is only applicable to the payment of the first premium of FWD’s new basic plan; it is inapplicable to the payment of any investment-linked life insurance plan premium, rider premium, or renewal premiums. 3. Each basic plan can only use premium cash coupon once. 4. If customer cancels the policy before the policy is issued or within the cooling-off period, the premium cash coupon will not be returned and refunded. 5. This premium cash coupon can only be used once, and can be transferred to others, but customer must fill in "FWD Premium Cash Coupon HK$500 Authorization/Transfer Form" on the redemption letter. 6. If the premium cash coupon is lost, it will not be reissued, and photocopies will not be accepted. 7. This premium cash coupon is not exchangeable for cash and/or used in conjunction with other discount offers. 8. FWD reserves the right to amend all terms and conditions of this premium cash coupon, and reserves the right of final decision.

Spend as you wish
HKD300 Credit Card Cash Rebate

Deduct your spending or premium payment


Applicant must accumulate retail purchase (including retail purchase or cash advance in HKD/CNY accounts) within 3 months from the issue date of the gift redemption letter for enjoying the welcome gift. For details, please refer to relevant Terms and Conditions for Welcome Gift Redemption.

bank of communications fwd credit card exclusive benefits, fuel up your life with positive energy

Earn Bonus Points for premium payment

Comprehensively satisfy your various protection needs, enable you to earn Bonus Points and ease your mind!

Earn Bonus Points for FWD premium payment
Settle your FWD insurance premium with Bank of Communications FWD Credit Card, earn 1 Bonus Point for every HKD1 payment
Settling your FWD insurance premium with DDA service also enables you to earn Bonus Points
25,000Bonus Points = HKD100 Cash Rebate
Enjoy up to 55 days interest-free repayment period


FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited insurance premium paid via our Internet Banking Bill Payment service by Bank of Communications FWD Credit Card can earn bonus points. Maximum 200,000 bonus points can be earned via FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited insurance premium payment made by Bank of Communications FWD Credit Card for each Principal Card Account every year (1 January to 31 December).

Multiple insurance benefits

FWD Premium Instalment Plan
Enjoy discount offer for FWD annual payment
Earn Bonus Points for the premium payment
Pay your bill at ease with the premium repayment period up to 12 months
Monthly handling fee is low as 0.3% (APR 6.78%)
e.g.: 12 months repayment period

Premium Instalment amount Monthly handling fee Monthly repayment amount
HKD6,000 HKD18 HKD518


1. The application form is attached in the welcome pack and available at our website for downloading. For details of terms and conditions, please refer to the application form.
2. When assessing the affordability of premium payments, FWD Premium Instalment Plan should not be assumed to be exercised in deciding whether to take up a policy.

Multiply your health

Earn 2X Bonus Points for medical expenditures. To safeguard your health, various body check offers are available for you and your family.

2X Bonus Points for medical expenditures
Spend with your Card at local hospitals/ clinics/ body check medical centres to earn 2X Bonus Points
No registration required, no spending requirement

Note: 2X Bonus Points for Medical Expenditure Promotion Period is valid till 31 December 2024. The Rewards from the spending will be credited into the Principal Card Account in the next working day. Maximum 200,000 bonus points can be earned by spending at local hospitals / clinics / body check medical centres for each Principal Card Account every year (1 January to 31 December).

Selected medical offers
Enjoy extra 5% off on the designated health check plans

Note: 1. Advance reservation is required, please indicate to use the offer when making a reservation.
2. Please contact MediFast for more details. (Hotline: 2272 8222)
3. In case of any disputes, the decision of MediFast shall be final.
Travel Pleasure
(Applicable to Platinum Card only)

Enjoy 2X Bonus Points on overseas and Mainland China spending
Platinum Card Overseas and Mainland China 2X Bonus Points
Earn Asia Miles with Bonus Points, and travel with your beloved one

Asia Miles redemption:
Spend in Overseas and Mainland China HKD6 =12 Bonus Points =1 Mile

Access Worldwide Airport VIP Lounges

1. Worldwide Airport VIP Lounge Program
2. Annual spending and / or cash advance meet designated amount to enjoy:
Access to VIP lounges worldwide with relaxing ambience, complimentary refreshments and snacks, and shower facilities and internet access etc
Conference rooms and other business facilities available in some of the airport VIP lounges
Spend and / or cash advance with the Card at designated amount to enjoy free access to airport VIP lounges in the coming year

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To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Platinum Card Hotline : (852) 226 99888