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CUP Dual Currency Credit Card

Bank of Communications CUP Dual Currency Credit Card links to both HKD and CNY account. Spending in Mainland China can be settled in CNY whereas spending in Hong Kong and Overseas can be settled in HKD. The Credit Card offers an easy spending management in Mainland China and Hong Kong by saving exchange and overseas purchase handling fee.

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Platinum Card

The card face design concept is same as Pacific Credit Card and the word "Platinum" shown on the card face to recognize the identity of Platinum Credit Cardholder.

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Go-Goal Platinum Card

Great connotation is always an inspiration to the unique attitude of life. The experience between different stories and people will create the unique lifestyle and the dream life. Go-Goal card theme "Go-Goal attitude, a new definition of Lifestyle", it lets the cardholder to create a different lifestyle with the same attitude!

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MI Credit Card

The MI Credit Card is stylishly designed with a sand funnel which serves as the main visual. While the "sand" signifies wealth, the continuous downward movement of the sand inside the funnel is a representation of wealth accumulation, little by little, turning sand into "$" dollar sign, highlighting the competitive edges of the MI Credit Card. Cardholders can enjoy spending privileges and aggregating fortune, paving their way to establish solid foundation for enriching future life.

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