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Details of “BOCOM HK” WeChat Official Account

To ensure that information and service shown in the account is provided by the Bank, please refer to the details of our Official Account stated as below when you search and use our WeChat Official Account. Please do not disclose any personal information or account information in any unauthenticated WeChat Official Account.

Information of the WeChat Official Account that registered by the Bank as below:

Official Account Name: 交银香港
Account Owner:

Should there be any queries, please contact our staffs.

About protecting the device and your Internet Banking Service

  • Please do not store your BOCOM HK WeChat Password, Username and Password of Internet Banking Service.
  • Please avoid using wireless network (i.e. Wi-Fi) which is public or without password setting. We advise using encrypted and trusted Wi-Fi networks or service providers.
  • Please avoid sharing your device and your personal WeChat account with others. Use your own device and your own personal WeChat account to complete the account binding.
  • Please do not leave your device unattended after account login through the BOCOM HK WeChat Official Account.
  • Please do not forward your One Time Password (OTP) and push notification to anyone or another device.
  • When performing the account binding, you will have to set a 8 digits BOCOM HK WeChat Password, password cannot include 3 consecutive numbers, and cannot be sequential numbers, e.g. 12345678; You should also avoid using easy-to-guess password, e.g. telephone number or date of birth; You should take necessary prudential measures to safeguard your password, please do not disclose your password to anyone (including the company's staff).
  • Please do not input personal sensitive information into WeChat dialogue box, e.g. Account information, password, or any personal information etc. The Bank will not ask you to provide account information, password or any personal information.
  • Please do not login WeChat Official Account via hyperlinks or QR Code embedded in any emails or SMS.
  • Please install updates and patches to your device regularly, including upgrades/updates to your Operating System (OS) and applications. Enable data encryption on your device if possible.
  • Do not install applications on your mobile devices from sources unless you trust the source. Understand the permissions of mobile applications before you install them. Do not use untrusted custom virtual keyboards.
  • Please exercise utmost caution regarding malware that can manipulate your mobile device. When you are prompted to open suspicious links or download applications, it is crucial to proceed with caution. Before installing any applications, take the time to carefully evaluate the permission requirements of the respective mobile applications. If you come across any suspicious permission requests, it is advised not to install the related mobile applications. Unless you are completely certain, do not allow your system to install mobile applications from unknown sources.
  • Use the default operation system originally provided on your device rather than newly installed operation system downloaded from other sources.
  • Do not use any jailbroken/rooted handsets which may have security loopholes to log on via the BOCOM HK WeChat Official Account.
  • Please Install and update the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software regularly on your device, whenever available.

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