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Frequently Asked Questions


What is "Remote Account Opening Service"?
"Remote Account Opening" allows you set up your savings deposit, time deposit, investment accounts and Wealth Management Services through BOCOM (HK) Mobile App without coming to our outlets. The set up process is fast and simple, allowing you to open your accounts at anytime and anywhere.


I have already held a Bank of Communications deposit account, can I set up accounts through Remote Account Opening Service?
Applicants cannot possess any deposit accounts of our bank before the remote account opening. If you already hold one, you can open other accounts through Internet Banking or at our outlets.


Am I eligible to open an account through Remote Account Opening Service?
You are eligible when you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • New customer or do not possess any deposit accounts of our bank;
  • A holder of effective Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card/Hong Kong Identity Card. Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card/Hong Kong Identity Card is not the new smart HKID issued from 26 November 2018 onwards;
  • Have never changed your name;
  • 18 years old or above

If you do not satisfy any criteria mentioned above, you can visit any of our outlets to open your accounts.


Can I apply through Remote Account Opening Service if I am not a Hong Kong Permanent Resident?
Yes, but you need to provide us with your nationality proof, such as passport cover and the front of data page or other form of travel document.


Are there any additional requirements for setting up a securities trading account/ Investment Funds account/ Equity Linked Investment account/ Debt Instrument account?
Applicants cannot be United States Person or Canadian resident, or acting as agent on behalf of any United States Person and/or Canadian resident. Besides, the registered address(es) of the applicants cannot be the United States or Canada.


Is there any charges for application made through Remote Account Opening Service?
It is free of charges. Click to know more about other services' charges.


What kind of account can I open?
You can open savings deposit, time deposit, investment accounts and wealth management Services. Please be reminded that you cannot open current account through the service. You need to visit our outlets to submit your signature for it.


What do I need to provide if I open securities trading account/ investment account(s)?
You need to provide address proof. Document must be issued within 3 months when the time our bank receives it. It can be a public utilities bill, letters issued by Government departments or institution, or statement issued by licensed financial institution or authorized insurance company.
If you are an employee of a person licensed by or registered with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong or from financial sector, employer's consent letter with applicant’s name and company chop is required.


How can I start "Remote Account Opening Service" through my mobile device?
First download our latest BOCOM (HK) Mobile App. Click "Remote Account Opening Service" banner on the main page, click "Apply now" after you read through the service introduction.
Please ensure your mobile device is equipped with front and back-facing camera, and a gyroscope in order to complete the identity verification.


Why do I have to take a photo of my HKID card from 3 different angles?
This allows us to validate your HKID card so that you don't have to visit our outlets to verify your identity in person. Please make sure your HKID image is completely captured, legible, and not blocked by glare or shadow.


Why do I need to make designated facial expression when selfie?
This help us to verify whether you are a living body and is the HKID's holder so that you can complete your identity verification without coming to our outlets.


Why did my identity verification fail and I need to complete account opening procedures in outlets?
Our bank adopts a rigorous detect technology. A number of factors, including the environment when you capture your HKID, strong glare, scratches or wear and tear on your HKID, could affect the accuracy when the system verify and compare your HKID image and selfie. We also suggest you to exaggerate your facial expression and make sure the front lens of your device is at horizontal level with your front face. If you still fail, please visit any our outlets for opening account.


Is it secure to open accounts through Remote Account Opening Service?
Yes. Data security is our top priority. All the information you provide, including your HKID photos, selfies and personal information, will be encrypted throughout the transmission.


If I close the App during my application, can I resume it?
Your information will be stored automatically after HKID information is confirmed (i.e. proceed to step of choosing account types). The application can be resumed within 7 days. After 7 days of your application, such application will be cancelled and you need to submit your application again.


How to resume application?
Open BOCOM (HK) Mobile App, and click "All" on the top-left of main page. Then click "Remote Account Opening" under "Service and Information", and click "Resume Application" to complete the application by using the same mobile device and mobile number that you first make the application.


Can I use other mobile devices to resume application?
No, you must use the same device that used to make your application.


How do I know if the application is submitted successfully?
After you succeeded submitting the application, you will receive an email and SMS notice.


What should I do if I receive Information supplement notification from the Bank?
You need to provide related document(s) and/ or information stated on the email within 7 days from the issuance of the email via “Resume Application” function and submit the application again. Otherwise, the saved application will be cancelled.


How do I know if my accounts are opened successfully?
In general, our bank will review your application and notify you with your account opening status by email and SMS within 2 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).


How do I activate Internet Banking after my accounts are set up successfully?
After the accounts are successfully set up, you are required to activate Internet Banking via exclusive function. First, open BOCOM (HK) Mobile App with the same mobile device that you submitted the account opening application, and click "All" on the top-left of main page. Click "Remote Account Opening" under "Services and Information" and then you could activate Internet Banking through "Activate Internet Banking" function.


Can I use other mobile devices to activate Internet Banking?
If you cannot use the same mobile device that you submitted the account opening application, you need to obtain your Savings account number and PIN mailer at our outlets and activate your internet banking in traditional way.


How soon until I can use my account?
As soon as your accounts are successfully set up, you can start depositing money.


I apply ATM card when I make the account opening application. Can I use it once I receive the card?
No. You need to set up your ATM card password at our outlets after you receive it, since the application is yet to support setting up password of ATM card.


I apply BComBEST Services or BOCOM FORTUNE Services when I make the account opening application, would the service application effective immediately?
When customers fulfil the designated requirement of the “Monthly Average Aggregate Daily Credit Balance” (BComBEST customers have to maintain HK$1,000,000; BOCOM FORTUNE customers have to maintain HK$200,000) within 3 months upon the application, they will become BComBEST / BOCOM FORTUNE customers to enjoy an array of services and privileges.
"Monthly average aggregate daily credit balance" is calculated on the basis of the monthly aggregate credit balance of the daily average of Saving Account, Current Account, Time Deposit Account, Securities Account, Equity Linked Investment Account, Debt Instrument Account, Investment Funds Account, FX Margin Trading Account-Cash, Structured Deposit, MPF Account, outstanding balance of the Unsecured Loans Account and the Cash Values of Insurance Policies.

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