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Please send all the required documents to or fax to 2893 0003 to facilitate our processing. Submitted documents and application form will not be returned.


  1. Hong Kong Identity Card/ Passport or such other identification documentation acceptable by the Bank
  2. Residential Address Proof dated within the latest 3 months (e.g.electricity bill, rates demand note, bank statement)
  3. Loan disbursement and repayment account proof (e.g. Bank Statement/ bank passbook showing borrower name and account number)
  4. The latest Income or Profit Tax demand note (page 1 and page 2)

Please also provide the documents below if you are Non-fixed income Earner or Self-employed

Non-Fixed Income Earner

  • Latest 1 month's (bank statement/ bank passbook/ salary slip/ MPF statement) showing salary recor

Self Employed

  1. Business Registration; and
  2. Latest 3 month's personal or company bank statement/ bank passbook; and
  3. Latest Income Tax/Profit Tax Demand Note (issued within 1 year from the date of issuance) or latest audited financial statement

The Bank reserves the right to, at any time, request further information/ document(s) from applicant.

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