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Services include
      • Account Enquiry
        Enquire account balance and transaction records for BOCOM (HK) accounts / BOCOM Account (Mainland)
          • Fund Transfer :
            Fund transfer to non-registered and registered BOCOM(HK), Local Bank and Overseas Bank Accounts, transfer to registered BOCOM Account (Mainland), register BOCOM(HK), Local Bank and Overseas Bank beneficiary accounts and conduct FPS addressing services
              • Investment:
                Investment Funds subscription/ switching/ redemption and "Deposit EXTRA" Investment Deposit
                  • Time Deposit:
                    Enquire time deposit details, set up Time Deposit, set up “Time Deposit – My Choice”, amend maturity instruction and perform deposit uplift
                      • Foreign Exchange:
                        Perform foreign exchange transactions with 14 currencies
                          • Payment:
                            Settle the bills which are registered in Internet Banking, register and pay unregistered non-high risk merchant bills and enquire payment records
                              • Credit card:
                                Enquire credit card balances, transaction records and settle credit card payment
                                  • Insurance:
                                    Instant purchase of travel insurance
                                      • FX Margin Trading:
                                        Provide up to 20 times leveraged trading
                                          • E-Statements and E-Advices:
                                            Access up to past 7 years of e-Statements and past year of e-Advices
                                              • Change Password:
                                                Change the Mobile Banking logon password
                                                  • Transfer/bill payment limit setting:
                                                    Adjust all types of the transfer/bill payment limits (Two-factor authentication is required for increasing limits)
                                                      • Account maintenance:
                                                        Enquire and delete the registered beneficiary accounts

                                                      Remark: Fund transferred to registered and non-registered other local bank accounts will be via Faster Payment System, it will be credited to recipient's account at different times that may vary due to recipient's bank. Fund transferred to credit card account will be deposited to the designated account on next business day.

                                                      Service Hours

                                                      Please refer to the Service Hours of Mobile Banking.

                                                      Services charges

                                                      Our Mobile Banking Services is free of charge. However, your data transmission usage may be charged by your telecommunication service providers.

                                                      For service charges of the selected services, please refer to Bank Charges.

                                                      Recommend Operation Systems

                                                      To ensure customer data security, our recommended platforms will be

                                                      • iPhone with iOS 10 - 12
                                                      • Mobile Phone with Android 6 - 9

                                                      Contact Us

                                                      Customer Service Hotline: 223 95559

                                                      Please visit any of our outlets