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Mobile Token Services include

Mobile Token Services include
    • Login to Mobile Banking Services (include investment function)
    • Generate one-time Security Code
    • Biometric Authentication
      Internet Banking
        • Fund Transfer
          • Transfer to unregistered BOCOM (HK) accounts
          • Transfer to unregistered local bank accounts
          • Transfer to unregistered overseas bank accounts
        • Bill Payment (applicable to designated merchants )
          • Pay and enquire bill
          • Register and pay unregistered bill
          • e-Donation
        • Investment Services
          • Securities
          • Investment Funds
          • Bonds
        • Life Insurance
        • Customer Services/Account Settings
            • Update personal information
            • Overseas Cash Withdrawal Service activation
            • Raise transfer/bill payment limits
            • Electronic Direct Debit Authorization
            • Update E-mail address
            • Account opening*
            • Update Self-Certification Form*
          • e-Statement Services*
          *After activation of mobile security key,security code will be defaulted for identity verification and no SMS password will be provided for the above services.

            Mobile Token is available on

              iPhone 5s or higher model with iOS 12.0 or above
                  Android phone with Android 8.0 or above AND compatible with Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) or Secure Element (SE).

                  Biometric Authentication is available on

                  iOS Face ID Available on iPhone models that support FaceID
                  iOS Touch ID Apple iPhone 5s or later models that support fingerprint identity sensor.
                    Android Fingerprint Authentication
                      Android phones with Android OS version 8.0 or later versions AND compatible with Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) or Secure Element (SE).

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